среда, 18 април 2007

I awake this morning
With a thoughts of you
Smiling inwardly
At the things we do
Feeling thankfull
For all we share
Missing you deeply
Wishing you were here
I couldn’t help
But I ask within my soul
What have I done
To deserve such a love?
How was I chosen
For a bond such as this?
A warm,tender love
With a magnificient kiss.
I love who unleshead
So many things within me
With very little effort
Set me totally free
I love who took me
Heights I’d not known
I love who I called my very own
I love who can consol me
When my world falls apart
And mend every piece
Of a torn apart heart
I love whose smile
Brings joy to my life
Whose melodious voice
Sends chills up my spine
I love whose arms
Makes me feel so secure
Take away all tensions
And calm every fear
I love who is stuck by me
Through thick and thin
And one I will love forever
My love has no end……

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